Swimming Elephants

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Can Elephants swim?

Like all mammals (except humans and apes, who have to learn how to swim), elephants are very good, untiring swimmers.

Elephants move all four legs to swim and are able to move quite fast like that. Their big body provides enough floatation while the trunk acts like a snorkel.

How do Elephants Swim?

Elephants mostly swim with their face above and their mouth below the water surface. They breathe through their trunk which they use as a snorkel.

Elephantbull in the water

Can Elephants Swim Long Distances?

These strong animals can swim long distances without a problem. Experts suppose that elephants once swam from Southern India to Sri Lanka where they settled.

Do Elephants Like to Swim?

Particularly young elephants love swimming and diving. They "fight" the waves in wild abandon, climb about on the older group members and splash back into the water. They are also untiring divers. When watching the animals in the water, the elephant keepers are always relieved to spot the small elephant's trunk peeping out of the water again to take another breath.

Swimming and diving elephant in the elephantpool Zoo Zurich upali.ch

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Junge Elefanten im Wasser

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